Thursday, 26 February 2015

Certificate Attestation in India


Everyone always gets confused about what is certificate attestation? and what are the procedures for the certificate attestation? 

Generally certificate attestation is required, when a candidate receives an opportunity to work in abroad, higher education etc. The candidate's documents must be attested from various government departments or respective nations.

Certificate verification procedure starts from our home states, that means which state candidate finished his/her  studiesThis type of attestation process is known as HRD (Human Resource Department) attestation. HRD attestation have different names in different states of India. For example, Norka attestation in Kerala.

After this process we have to move on to the next step that is MEA attestation. MEA is the short form of Ministry of External Affairs and it is located at New Delhi.


Finally Embassy attestation. After finishing HRD and MEA attestation we can go for embassy attestation, which is the final point of the attestation.

Certificate attestation process could be time consuming and complicated, if you are not aware about the procedure. It may be a wrong step to handover the documents to the fake or unauthorized agency. Muble Solutions offers certificate authentication services  all over India. Also provides online tracking facility to its client. Client can check the status of his/her documents online at any time in anywhere.

Muble Solutions, subsidiary of Urogulf group. We offers attestation services all over India like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kochi etc.
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