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Useful Tips for Certificate Attestation Procedure

The concept of certificate attestation is a signature or a symbol for proving the originality of a document. Certificate verification is the procedure of validating the genuineness of the certificate. If you don't have your certificate attested there is a big chance for losing a good job that you have been offered.

Authentication of documents is needed when a person planning to go abroad for doing higher studies or jobs, then comes the necessity of certificate attestation.
The document verification procedure involves the following steps:
  •  document passes to the home department attestation (HRD attestation)
  •  certificate reaches the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA attestation)
  •  Finally it is passed onto the respective embassy (Embassy attestation)

The certificate verification starts from the home department of the candidate. The home department attestation is known as HRD(Human Resource Development) attestation. HRD plays a main role in applying for jobs, or for further studies in abroad. HRD attestation procedure is same for all states, but names are different.
For eg; HRD attestation is done in Kerala known as norka attestation.

After finishing the HRD attestation we can go for MEA. MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs, located at New Delhi. The address of the office is as follows.

Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House, Thilak marg, New Delhi.

The document authentication process is completed when the documents are attested from respective embassy of the nation where the candidate wants to migrate. The address of the UAE embassy is as follows.

 Address          :   Urogulf, 11-A, 11th floor, Atma Ram House,
                             1-Tolstoy Marg, Near Bharakhamba Metro station, Connaught Place,
                             New Delhi-110001, India.

Telephone       :   011 497 00 000, 496 00 000, 43588323, 32446507, 32926707

  Email              :,


Our Address   :  Urogulf, C.P. Ummer Road  Kochi-Ernakulam
 Telephone       :  0484 3300000, 0484 4112345, 0484 3035555

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The certificate attestation process is simple when we understand the procedure of attestation process. I hope this information would help you get your documents attested in a simple way. Thank you for reading this blog. 

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