Tuesday, 23 September 2014

BCA Certificate Attestation for Abroad

BCA Certificate Attestation is required for doing MCA or higher studies in abroad. BCA certificate attestation helps candidates to getting high level jobs in abroad in the field of computer applications. So there is a need of verify your certificates.


BCA is the basic graduate qualification for an IT professional. BCA certificate attestation have mainly three steps. They are attestation from state department of the candidate, MEA(Ministry of External Affairs) attestation, and embassy attestation where the candidate wants to migrate.

In any type of attestation, the primary step is verification from state department of the candidate. The state department attestation of BCA certificate in Kerala known as Norka attestation. State attested certificate is needed for MEA attestation.

The second level of BCA certificate verification is the MEA. MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs, located at New Delhi.

The next level of BCA certificate attestation is the Embassy attestation.  The state attested and MEA attested certificate is needed for embassy attestation.


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