Sunday, 28 September 2014

Nursing Diploma Certificate Attestation For Dubai

Certificate attestation proves the originality of documents. Nursing diploma certificate attestation is important for nurses to getting job visa. So there is a need of verify your certificates.

The nursing diploma is also known as GNM. GNM is the General Nursing & Midwifery. The nursing diploma certificate verification have mainly three levels.

The preliminary stage of nursing diploma certificate verification is the state home department attestation or HRD attestation. That means for doing nursing diploma certificate attestation first authenticate from the state of the candidate. The nursing diploma certificate verification in Kerala known as Norka attestation.

The next level of nursing diploma certificate attestation is the MEA(Ministry of External Affairs).
The state attested certificate is needed for MEA attestation. MEA attestation is required for doing embassy attestation.

Final level of nursing diploma certificate attestation is the embassy attestation.The MEA attested certificate is needed for embassy attestation.

These are the main three levels of nursing diploma certificate attestation. Always Beware of fake attestation. Because document verification is important in employment purpose.


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