Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Importance Of MBA Certificate Attestation

The need of certificate attestation arises when a person planning to go abroad for doing jobs or higher studies. Certificate attestation proves the originality of documents. MBA(Master of Business Administration) is the master degree qualification for a business administrator.

The documents for attestation is mainly categorized into three: Educational, Non-Educational and Commercial certificates. The MBA certificate attestation falls under educational certificate attestation.

MBA certificate verification helps candidates to get high level jobs in foreign countries in the field of business administration. MBA attestation proves that the certificate is issued from the mentioned department with the original seal and signature.

Three levels of MBA certificate attestation includes:

1.Norka attestation
2.MEA attestation
3.Embassy attestation

First level of certificate authentication for the candidate is state / home department attestation of their certificate. This level of attestation has got different names in different states of India like Norka in Kerala, GAD in Andhra Pradesh, and HRD in rest of India.

After the state department attestation, the next level of attestation is MEA attestation. MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs, located at New Delhi.

The final step of MBA document attestation after state home ministry and MEA process is the embassy attestation. This is done from respective embassy of the nation to where the candidate wants to relocate.

After finishing all the formalities you can submit the document for international migration policies.


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