Friday, 12 September 2014

Birth Certificate Attestation For Abroad


    Birth certificate attestation is to be done in various circumstances when a child needs to be taken abroad along with parents, to get educated abroad etc.
 The preliminary step of birth certificate attestation is the Notary attestation. There are mainly two kinds of notary attestation. One is district level and the other one is state level. After the state level Notary attestation we can go for home department attestation, then apply for MEA attestation that is ministry of external affairs and finally embassy certificate attestation.

1. Notary attestation

    In birth certificate verification basic step is the Notary attestation. State level and district level notary attestation are there. After the completion of state level Notary then apply for the home department attestation.

2. home department attestation

     The second level of birth certificate attestation is the home department attestation. The home department attestation has got different names in different states in India. For example in Kerala it is Norka and in Delhi it is HRD(Human Resource Development Department). The attestation procedure is same for all state. After the completion of home department attestation then apply for MEA.

3. MEA(Ministry of External Affairs)
     The third level of birth certificate attestation is the MEA. MEA attest all types of documents that are attested from any state in India. State attested certificate is needed for MEA attestation. After the MEA attestation we can go for concerned embassy attestation. 

4. Embassy Attestation

     Embassy attestation is the final level of birth certificate attestation.The embassy attest all types of certificates that are attested from MEA. The state and MEA attested certificate is needed for Embassy attestation.

Urogulf offers certificate attestation of all documents like educational, non educational and commercial and provide complete embassy formalities in India and Abroad.

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